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Payment options for products and services

Cash Payment

 You pay in cash while taking the product or getting the service. Along with your order, you get all corresponding documents and checks.

You can pay with cash:

  • ·         at retail stores,

  • ·         after complecting the delivery,

  • ·         after complecting relevant services.

The payment can be done only in AMD.

Bank Card

    • It is safe;

    • No commision payments;

    • No need to waste time to reach to ATM.

You can pay by bank card at retail stores.

You will be given all corresponding documents after the payment.

The payment can be done only in AMD.

Bonus card

You can pay the whole cost or the part of the cost of your purchase with the bonuses accumulated in your bonus card.

1 bonus = 1 dram


    • Credit can be formed for all kinds of products.

    • No need to visit bank for credit.

    • Credit application review trough 15-30 minutes.

  • Needed documents – passport and social card.

    • You can choose the most convenient credit terms.

How to form the credit?

  • ·         Choose the product;

  • ·         Approach the credit specialist and fill in the loan application together and wait for the decision from the bank (usually it takes 15 minutes).  

  • ·         In case of the Bank’s positive decision, you sign the credit contract and take your purchase. In case of the negative decision, you can pay for the purchase in cash, by bank card, gift card and “Eldorado” club card. 

  • Then you just need to do credit payments according to the terms of the contract.

Bank Transfer

Attention! Bank transfer is available only for legal entities.

The payment is done by transferring money from customer’s bank account to the bank account of Eldorado.

Gift Cards

You can pay the whole cost or the part of the cost of your purchase by gift cards.

You can use gift cards for payment:

·         at retail stores.

·         in the online shop.