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Cooperation with «Eldorado» is an assured invest and a chance to open your appliances store using the most popular national brand in Russia.
We will help you to reduce risks of starting a new business and will convey experience accumulated for years on how to run business successfully.
If you have decided to open your appliances store, franchise «Eldorado» is what you need.
Our offer for potential franchisees

  • Become a partner of the company Eldorado. Become the Eldorado team’s full member. Eldorado franchising is more than 192 partner stores.

  • Have an Eldorado brand for use.

  • Increase your competitiveness because of a leading trademark.

  • Have Eldorado store at your city using the best design patterns, thus increasing your competitiveness in several times.

  • Buy goods in Eldorado by the special price-list for franchise.

  • Get/have customer loyalty because of technological/effective way of goods layout and the best sales technologies.

  • Participate in advertising promos organized at federal level and in such way increase customers' inflow.

  • Have your store's address in the Eldorado's official web page.

  • Attract more customers using loyalty cards.

  • Run your own advertising promos and our designers will do the samples for free.

Our terms. What Eldorado gives to you

  • You have a right to use a leading trademark.

  • We help you to prepare the store for opening by giving you design patterns, planogram and brand book.

  • We help you to run opening promo which leads to sales increase.

  • We help you with goods layout, staff trainings and motivation. Experienced managers run your stores at a constant basis.

  • We control your sales and margin. We are interested you to have the maximum effectiveness, thus we help you to sell and to earn.

  • We demand you to meet the planed sales and help you to reach it.

  • We help you to participate in promos at federal level and provide with advertising patterns.

  • Together we think of and run local promos.

  • We train the store staff through the Distance Learning System.

  • There is a differed payment system for goods which starts to operate from the third month of the cooperation.

  • Goods are provided in special price for franchise.

  • Our partners are your partners.