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Bonus Program

You can:

  • Accumulate bonuses from each of your purchase in Eldorado.

Use bonuses to pay up to 100% for your purchase.

Get additional discounts and special offers.

How to get a card?

Get the card while purchasing at Eldorado retail stores or in the online-shop www.eldorado.am.

How to use the card?

While purchasing at Eldorado retail stores show your bonus card at the cashbox for accumulating and/or using your bonuses.

While purchasing in the online-shop provide your card details at the section for comments.

Bonuses are accumulating as percentages of your purchase cost.

1% is the standard bonus rate.

Get more bonuses in frame of special offers.

Bonus card balance

You can check your balance:

  •   Calling 011 80 00 00,

  •  From employees at the retail stores,

Get your bonus card +1000 bonuses

Do you have a bonus card from Eldorado store operating in other country?

Show it us and get a Yerevan club bonus card.

Moreover, we will calculate 1000 bonuses at you new card's balance.


Visit us: Avan, Acharyan 33/4.

 Online-shop: www.eldorado.am.

For details call: 011 80 00 00.